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I had a 2005 chevy cobalt the brakes failed 3 times,the last time the brake petal fell in the floor.the car speeded up to 65 in a 45.I pulled the emergency brake slid into a CVS store called the dealer traded on the spot(bad mistake)the cobalt had 26,000 miles on it.I bought a 2007 malibu new when it had 52,000 miles it was falling apart.the dealer kept putting me off.I took it to another dealer they put in a left rear wheel assembly.then the left front started the same noise.when you ran over unlevel ground the tires sounded like they were coming threw the fender walls.the dealer said we will have to charge you $79.95 diagnostic fee.I said fat chance I'LL go trade it and I did the same day.I now drive a 2012 nissan altima special edition.I told G.M what I thought the best way.trade their junk with cheap looking seats and get a real ride.

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